Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's two weeks before Christmas which means I'm in full on death con 5 panic mode about gifts. This happens every. Single. Year. Christmas is coming, I don't know what to get the boys (husband included), we are perpetually out of cash, and the time the husband and I have to spend together to get it done is a total of about two hours. Next year I will start buying stuff I see that the kids will like in July. Mark my words. Fourth of July sales here I come!

Mixed in with all of this is my complete and total disbelief that my seven year old still believes in Santa Claus. There are just so many holes in the story and now, as an adult, I'm waiting to slip up and say something he'll catch onto and realize the whole thing was a facade. While I think Santa is a nice story for kids and beats the thought that mom and dad are just going to buy you a bunch of stuff for this one day thing, it also really shows just how easy it is to meld a child's mind to believe  whatever you want them to believe and it's kinda scary. Nate is by all accounts a very matter of fact kid. There is rule and logic in this universe and god help him, he will find it, point it out to you and abide by it so long as it doesn't seem too frivolous (by his own personal standards, of course). Which is why I simply cannot believe he hasn't figured this out yet. He sees Santas at the stores, has asked how elves make xboxes, and it just dawned on him last week that Santa visits every kid who celebrates Christmas around the world, millions of kids, in one night. And how does he do that?? 

In the meantime I will keep surfing the web hoping to find something that won't be tossed into the black hole that is our playroom in a week's time and make some gingerbread men in the interim, because as everyone knows, Santa loves his cookies. 

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  1. I had to laugh... and respond... to well, all of it! I do start shopping in July (heck sometimes I even shop the after Christmas sales!). That said I too had pretty much nothing for the kids this year. I'm sick of buying things for them to open that end up sitting in the playroom for the next year-- not being played with, yet not able to part with them either. My 9 year old still believes and I'm nervously waiting for the day he doesn't. All of my kids (but him in particular) are really factual and scientific and I'm just amazed they still believe. In fact I'd say the older they get the more they seem to believe, weird and I keep thinking he's overcompensating for not really believing but I keep picturing him in tears screaming "you lied to me!".... when you stop and big picture it, it really is amazing all the little lies we tell our kids....