Friday, October 25, 2013

Breakfast Trials

Lately I've been feeling pretty run down, namely because we've had a hectic couple of weeks which included all of us getting a really bad cold. But I continue to have problems with my ears, most notably my left ear which always feels plugged, like there's water in it, painful, or all three at the same time. It never goes away. Ever. I have taken decongestants, been in hot showers with eucalyptus oil, even been to the doctor and there is apparently nothing wrong with my ear, except for all the symptoms listed above. In addition to the ear issue, I have my ongoing battle with hypoglycemia which is a near hourly thing I have to deal with because its all about what you eat. Ideally I should not be eating any refined sugar or simple carbohydrates as this causes my blood sugar to spike very high very fast and then drop like a rock just as quickly. If I don't eat regularly my blood sugar will drop so low I'll become practically unconscious. It is, at the very least, a good excuse to have to constantly be feeding my face. 

Breakfast is by far the hardest meal of the day for me. I have to eat shortly after I get up because my blood sugar is so low, and if I eat the wrong thing (something high in simple carbs) and have my coffee, my blood sugar drops faster than you can google "hypoglycemia". The ideal breakfast for me is something high in protein with a small amount of complex carbohydrates. Problem is, I never even feel like I want to eat in the morning. And I really don't want eggs until 10a.m. Earliest. 

I have been thinking lately of trying to go gluten free for a bit and see if its all everyone has said it is, hoping that it would not only alleviate my ear issue (I have a cousin who had sinus issues for ears and then it was discovered he had a wheat allergy, voila) but also help regulate my blood sugar because I would then be unable to eat cake for breakfast. You know, kill two birds. 

Let me be up front here and say that I feel like most "food sensitivities" are total BS. As someone with actual severe food allergies (as in, peanut butter WILL KILL ME!) I don't even like the word "sensitivity" as it relates to food. You're allergic or your not. You have a physical reaction to a food or you don't. If you eat a tomato and you get horrid eczema as a result, okay. If you say eating broccoli just "makes you feel blah" maybe you were just bloated that day. You're fine. So I know I've just pissed off a lot of people by saying that but really, live your whole life with a hefty list of life threatening allergies and then get back to me about how sensitive you are. 

So as hypocritical of me as it is I'm out of ideas as it relates to my ears and I'm starting to wonder if I have an as of yet undetermined food allergy which would not be news to me because they can change throughout your life. I decided to try not to eat gluten for however long I can make it and see if there's any difference whatsoever. My bets are on no, but it's worth a shot. 

So here I am. It's breakfast time this morning and I have to eat. I have no idea what is gluten free and what is not save for the obvious bread. I google "are oats gluten free?" Answer: probably not. Ok. One alternative is quinoa. I have quinoa! I make quinoa porridge. Water, quinoa, cinnamon stick and diced apple. Cook for twenty minutes. I top with the tiniest bit of brown sugar just for a little something and then some milk. The most I can say for it is that it's not indelible. Which is surprising given that all the reviewers of the recipe raved about how delicious and satisfying it was and after eating what was supposed to be two servings, I'm still really hungry and am about to forget this whole thing and dive into that loaf of banana bread. The blood sugar situation is fine thus far but now what do I have for a snack? Is rice gluten free? I have no idea. I would eat my leftover cauliflower gratin but that was made with a roux. Dammit. This is not going to last long, is it? What about lentils? Can I eat those? Google and I are going to be close buddies today. 

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  1. just be careful... I have a few friends who went gluten free as a trail run and ended up having real major problems adding gluten back into their diet. I can't tell you how long or how specific they were about cutting back on gluten either.... so good luck! I can't imagine living life without gluten! But I couldn't imagine walking around with ear pain for weeks on end without any ideas what to do about it either.